Barbara Zuchowicz's main studio practice is drawing, the most intimate and delicate of visual media. Her subject matter ranges from still life to portraiture of people and animals, and the occasional side-step into landscape. Barbara's still lifes of ordinary household objects celebrate our connections to our heritage and the serene monumentality of everyday things. Her work is recognized for its distinct luminous quality and intimate warmth.

At the University of Manitoba School of Art, Barbara studied with print-maker Arnold Saper and painter Ivan Eyre. She has also has had the privilege of studying with water-colourist Morton Baslaw and David W. Jones, one of Canada's finest landscape painters. Early in her career she was a medical illustrator at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, while teaching art classes at the Mendel Art Gallery. Barbara has written extensively on both musical and artistic subjects, including art reviews for the innovative arts weekly, the Penny Press. At the Ottawa School of Art, Barbara worked closely in the print studio with Nancy Currie, as studio manager. She is a member of one of Ottawa's most venerable artistic events — the West End Studio Tour. Her work has been exhibited in artist-run and other public spaces, and is in private collections in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

Barbara's professional musical experience informs her visual art. In 2012 Barbara enjoyed a research sabbatical at the University of Western Ontario Don Wright Faculty of Music enriching her interdisciplinary creativity in both art and music.